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Navigating the Interface

MoJoPro iOS is divided into seven screens (eight if Mission workflows are assigned by a Manager). To navigate between screens, tap the icon on the sidebar of the screen you wish to view.

The screens of MoJoPro iOS are listed below, along with a brief description and a link to the relevant topic:

Live – Start a live transmission to a connected receiver. See Live Streaming.

Record – Create recordings using your device's camera and save or export them. See Recording Video.

Forward – Forward files to a connected receiver. See Forwarding Files.

Menu – Access the following screens:

Missions (Available when assigned by Manager) – View and select missions. See Story-Centric Workflow (Missions/Metadata).

Edit – Trim and sequence video clips. See Editing Projects.

Connections – Add, edit, and delete connection profiles. See Managing Connections.

 Settings – Modify MoJoPro settings. See Configuring App Settings.

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