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Story-Centric Workflow (Missions/Metadata)

When connected to a Manager configured to support a Story-Centric Workflow, MoJoPro can be assigned missions. Missions consist of .XML or .JSON files containing data pushed from NRCS (News Room Computer System) or PAM (Program Asset Management) systems. When a MoJoPro user selects a mission, live streams and forwarded files are transmitted to the connected receiver with mission metadata. For information on creating missions and managing Story-Centric Workflows, please refer to the Manager User Guide.

When connected to a Manager configured for a Story-Centric Workflow, MoJoPro automatically opens the Missions Selection popup, as shown in the following example:

Mission Selection Popup

To view and select missions:

  1. Go to the
    Menu screen and tap

  2. Tap a mission to select it.

  3. To view mission details, tap the
    icon on the mission you wish to view.

    From here, you can:
    • View the receiver from which the mission originates.
    • View the mission description.
    • Add a comment.

  4. Tap Done to save your changes. A
    Mission icon on the top bar of the Live or Record screen indicates a mission has been selected and is active.

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