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Creating a Project


Before continuing, ensure the app is in portrait orientation. For help changing the orientation of MoJoPro, see Configuring App Settings.

To create a new project:

  1. Go to the
    Editing screen.

  2. Tap the New Project button

  3. Enter a name for the project.

  4. Tap the drop area
    to add videos to your project.

  5. Select one or more videos from your device.

    Photo Albums on the Editing Screen

  6. When you have finished making your selection(s), tap Select



    Tap the thumbnail of a video to preview it. A white outline around the thumbnail indicates a previously viewed video.

  7. Tap the added video

    to make edits on the Clip screen.


    If you have multiple video clips in a project, you can change their order. Press and hold on a video clip to select it and drag it to the desired spot in the project.

  8. On the Clip screen, you can adjust the start and stop points of the video and adjust the audio volume.

    • To trim the video, drag the blue handles
       to the desired start and end points. You can also go to the desired start point of the clip and use the
      icon to trim. Then, go to the desired end point and tap
    • To edit the volume, drag the volume slider
       to the desired level.

  9. Tap Project
     to return to the previous screen.

    From here, you can:
    • Tap the drop area
      to add another video to your project.
    • Tap the
      icon to upload a logo to overlay on top of the finished video. See Adding a Logo Overlay for more information.
    • Tap the
      icon to play back your project. 
    • Tap the
      icon to edit the audio. See Editing Project Audio for more information.
    • Tap Export to forward and save your project, as well as add metadata tags. See Exporting a Project for more information.
    • Tap Close to save your changes and return to the Editing screen.

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