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Adding a Logo Overlay

After creating a project, you can upload an image from your device to overlay on top of your video.


Before continuing, ensure the app is in portrait orientation. For help changing the orientation of MoJoPro, see Configuring App Settings.

To add a logo overlay:

  1. Go to the
    Editing screen.

  2. Select a project from the list.
    Projects on the Editing Screen

  3. Tap the
    Logo Overlay
     to open the logo overlay editor.

  4. Tap Choose a logo

     to upload an image from your device. 

  5. Select the image to be used as the logo overlay and tap Select

  6. Drag the sliders to adjust the logo's Size and Opacity.

    Logo Overlay Sliders


    At any point after choosing a logo, tap the X icon to delete your image and select a new one.

  7. Tap a section of the grid to move your logo there. Depending on the section selected, the Margins sliders become editable. Drag the sliders to adjust the logo's position along the X and Y axes.
    Modified Logo Overlay

  8. When you are done making changes, tap Project to return to the previous screen. A blue dot on the
    Logo Overlay
    icon indicates that you have made changes to the logo overlay.
    Project Editing Screen

    From here, you can:
    • Tap the drop area to add another video to your project. The new clip will include the logo overlay.
    • Tap the
      icon to play back your project.
    • Tap the
      Music Note
      icon to edit the project's audio. See Editing Project Audio for more information.
    • Tap Export to save or forward your project. See Exporting a Project for more information.
    • Tap Close to save your changes and return to the Editing screen.

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