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Exporting a Project

Exporting a project allows you to forward the project to a connected receiver or save it to your device.


Before continuing, ensure the app is in portrait orientation. For help changing the orientation of MoJoPro, see Configuring App Settings.

To export a project:

  1. Go to the
    Editing screen.

  2. Select a project from the list.
    Projects on the Editing Screen

  3. Tap Export

    The Export window opens.
    Project Export Prompt

    From here, you can toggle the following settings:
    • Enabling Forward after export automatically forwards the created file to the currently connected receiver. After exporting, you can view the progress of the forwarded file in the queue on the
      Forward screen.
    • Enabling Save after export downloads the file to your device.
    • Enabling Metadata allows you to add Keywords and a Description. The metadata can be viewed from the exported .MOV file.

  4. Tap Export.

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