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Configuring Output Parameters

To view and configure Output parameters:

  1. From the Outputs List view, click the Settings icon
  2. The output panel will extend to display the current output parameters, as in the following example:
  3. Select or enter values in the fields to change the parameters. See Output Settings.
  4. To configure TCP output, you simply need to enter the output port, as shown in the following example. (Decoders can receive this output by sending a request over TCP to the Kraken IP/Port. For example, to configure VLC to receive the stream from Kraken, enter the url tcp:// into the url field for a network stream.)
  5. To modify link parameters, such as the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size, TTL (Time-to Live for stream packets), or To (Type of Service) values, type these in.
  6. To configure an SRT output, select TS over SRT for the Protocol and then complete the additional fields under SRT Settings. See SRT Output Settings.
  7. To configure HLS output, select HLS from the Protocol dropdown, then, select the Segment Format (default MPEG2TS), and fill in the Max Number of Segments and Segment Duration.

    For more information on using the HLS protocol, see 'Protocols' in Output Settings. 
  8. To apply your changes, click Apply.


    You can access Output statistics from the Streams Statistics page, including SRT Statistics graphs. For more information, see Viewing Kraken Statistics.

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