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Working with Appliances

An appliance, in the context of Haivision Hub, is a computing device such as a Makito X/X4 encoder that can be paired with and serve as an ingress or egress point for Haivision Hub services. For example, a Makito X encoder can be paired with Haivision Hub, making it an edge device for delivering encoded video streams to be processed and transmitted via the HUB.


Various Haivision products (such as a Makito X4 encoder) can be used as an appliance (or edge device) with Haivision Hub, provided its version is up-to-date, has remote management (EMS) enabled, and is on a network that is discoverable by Hub.

Also, to pair and work with the HUB Device Manager, all devices require:

Image of the Hub Appliances screen.


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