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Pairing an Appliance

An appliance (such as, Makito X/X4 encoder) can be used as an edge device with Haivision Hub, provided its version is up-to-date, has remote management (EMS) enabled, and is on a network that is discoverable by HUB.

Remotely Managed Haivision Appliances

The following are the supported Haivision appliances and versions that can be remotely managed:

  • Makito X Encoder (2.4) – Minimum required firmware version.

  • Makito X Decoder (2.4)
  • Makito X4 Encoder (1.1)
    Makito X4 Rugged (1.1)
  • Makito X4 Decoder (1.1)
  • Makito X1 Rugged (1.1)
  • SRT Gateway (3.7)

Appliance Pairing

To pair an appliance:

  1. Click
    in the navigation sidebar. 
  2. On the Appliances tab
    , click the Pair Device button

Labeled image of the Appliances screen.

  1. A window appears displaying a pairing code that must be entered on the appliance. Click Copy Passcode
    and close the dialog.

    Labeled image of a pop-up message to pair an appliance with a passcode.

  2. ON THE APPLIANCE: Log in as an administrator, and then navigate to the Admin > Services and toggle on the Haivision EMS Setting.

    Labeled image of the Haivision Makito X Services page.

    NOTE: "EMS" is a reference to Haivision's Element Management System, which is the technology behind the pairing feature.

  3. Hover over the
    option and click Configure
  4. When the Haivision EMS dialog opens, paste the passcode into the Passcode field and click Pair.
  5. ON HUB: Refresh the Appliances page. The newly paired appliance will appear in the list.

    NOTE: The appliance name is the hostname that was configured on the device itself. If you need to rename an appliance after it has been paired, see Troubleshooting for a workaround.

Related Topics

Duplicate Paired Appliance Names?

Currently, devices cannot be renamed from the HUB, nor are changes in the device's name after pairing reflected. Consequently, it is possible for multiple devices to be paired with the same name.

See Troubleshooting for a workaround.

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