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Listing Appliances

You can view the available appliances from the Appliances screen.

  1. Click 
     in the navigation sidebar.  NOTE: To expand / collapse the navigation sidebar, click the 
     menu (at top left)

    Labeled image of the Appliances screen.

Appliances are listed in the main pane

of the screen. You can use the filter and sort options (
respectively) to control the number and order of the appliances that are listed. 


Filtering the Appliances Listed

Active, Idle, and Offline appliance filter buttons.

The filtering buttons reflect appliance state and the current count of appliances with that state.  You can use these buttons to display appliances with a specific state or with a combination of states. Appliance states include:

  • Active
  • Idle
  • Offline

To filter the listings:

  • Click one of the filter buttons to update and change the listings in the main pane.
    Note: To deselect a filter, click that filter again.

Sorting the Appliances Listed

You can sort the appliances currently listed in the main pane by:

  • Appliance name
  • Appliance Type
  • Hostname
  • IP Address
  • Part Number
  • Firmware Version
  • Serial Number
  • Status
  • Uptime

To sort the appliance listings:

  1. Click the Sort By
    dropdown menu to make a sort type selection.
  2. Next to the Sort menu, is an Ascending and Descending toggle option to switch the order. 

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