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Touring the Interface

Haivision Hub Interface Screens:

The Haivision Hub interface uses the following basic structure.

Haivision Hub interface basic structure labeled.

Sidebar – The navigation sidebar is available from every screen. The sidebar includes a
More menu that expands/collapses the sidebar.

Screen Name – Indicates the current and available screens, additional tabs (subscreens) may appear in the title bar.

User Profile – Current user logged in. The
Options menu provides access to subscriptions, preferences, and software versions.

HelpCenter – Provides walk-throughs of popular tasks, videos, documentation links to the InfoCenter and Support Portal, and a means to provide feedback.

Title Bar – Indicates any tabs for the current screen selected in the sidebar.

Notifications  – The red dot overlayed on the
icon indicates the presence of notifications.

Main Pane – Contents vary depending upon currently selected screen.

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