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Appliances Screen

An appliance, in the context of Haivision Hub, is a computing device such as a Makito X/X4 encoder that can be paired with and serve as an ingress or egress point for Haivision Hub services. For example, a Makito X encoder can be paired with Haivision Hub , making it an edge device for delivering encoded video streams to be processed and transmitted via the HUB.


The Appliances screen and associated tasks are only available on subscriptions with this specialized feature. If you think you might be interested in this feature set, please contact  Haivision Sales.

To view the

Appliances Screen:

  1. In the navigation sidebar, click the
    Appliances option.

Appliances Screen

Appliances Screen

Appliances screen labeled.

Appliances Option

Title Bar - The current tab is highlighted and underscored.


Appliance Status Filters

Select All Checkbox - For bulk actions.

Sorting Filters and Ascending/Descending Options

Action Buttons - To Pair, Reboot, Unpair

Appliances Listing Pane

Appliance Item

Appliance Item

All the available appliances are listed in the main pane of the Appliances screen. Each appliance item provides the following information at a glance.

Hub Appliances Screen with individual appliance item labeled.

Status Indicator Bar

MultiSelect Checkbox

QuickView Toggle

Appliance Type (click to open Configuration Panel – see below)

Streams / Input Bandwidth (depending upon appliance)

Audio Encoders / Audio Decoders / Output Bandwidth (depending upon appliance)

Video Encoders / Video Decoders / Configured Routes (depending upon appliance)

CPU and RAM Usage Gauges (Gateway appliances only)

Appliance Item QuickView

QuickView Panel

Each appliance item also has a quick view dropdown panel that gives you ready access to key appliance data such as: Host Name, Appliance Type, MAC Address, IP Address, UpTime, Part Number, Serial Number, and Firmware Version.

Appliances Screen, labeled, with an appliance QuickView panel open.

QuickView Toggle

Appliance Type (Click to access Configuration Panel)

Filtering Labels 

Appliance Configuration

Configuration Panel

The Appliance Configuration panel provides easy, bidirectional access with the appliance. Any revisions made here are automatically updated on the appliance. There is also a pop out option that will open the Appliance's GUI in another tab of your browser so that you can switch back and forth between the two as needed.

Appliance Configuration panel labeled.

Appliance Type / Configuration Panel Access

X Close Panel Action

Open Appliance
(in new browser tab)

Video / Audio / Streams tabs (see below)

Cancel and Apply Buttons

Actions (per item)

Each Video, Audio, and Stream Edit tab from the Configuration Panel.

The Video / Audio / Stream tabs in the Configuration panel allow you to handle the popular settings on your appliance directly from the Haivision Hub.

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