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HelpCenter Panel

The HelpCenter is your in-software help assistant. It provides access to:

  • Latest information on new features.
  • Guided walkthroughs on popular tasks.
  • Handy resource links for documentation, support, and helpful blog posts.
  • Feedback survey to share your thoughts and requests.
  • Live chat option to interact with a knowledgeable agent.

From Dashboard

From Dashboard

Haivision Hub Control Center dashboard, labeled.

The HelpCenter is accessed from the 


Accessing the HelpCenter

Accessing the HelpCenter

To access the HelpCenter:

  • At the bottom of the navigation sidebar, click the
    icon to open the HelpCenter.

HelpCenter panel, labeled.

X Close Action

HelpCenter Tabs

Search Field

What's New Options

Guided Walkthroughs


Chat with LiveAgent Button (opens Chat window)

HelpCenter KickStart Tab

KickStart Tab

KickStart tab in the HelpCenter, labeled.

KickStart Tab – provides useful tasks to get you familiar with Haivision Hub quickly.

KickStart Progress Bar – tracks your progress through the recommended tasks.

Guided Walkthroughs – steps you through a given process directly in the software.

Starting a Chat

Starting a Chat

Live chat request panel.

To talk with a live expert:

  1. At the bottom of the navigation sidebar, click the
    icon to open the HelpCenter.
  2. At the bottom of the HelpCenter panel, click the Chat with Us Live button.
  3. When the Chat form appears in the lower right corner of your screen, enter a brief explanation of what you need in the Subject field.
  4. Click the Start Chatting button. Please allow a few moments for the agent to respond.

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