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Control Center Screen


Control Center is the initial screen that appears after you have signed in to the Haivision Hub web interface. The main pane consists of a global map to give you a visual of your running routes and dynamically shows you the regional datacenter usage and some handy analytics. From this screen, you can also create a route. To begin, click the New Route button on the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

To view the Dashboard:

  • Click the
     Control Center option
    on the navigation sidebar to get to the dashboard from anywhere in the interface. 

Haivision Hub Control Center dashboard labeled.

Control Center option

Dashboard tab

Map key

Zoom Controls

Reload Control

Global Map includes any datacenters and running routes.

Analytics Panels: Active Assets, Bandwidth, and Up/Outage Time.

New Route button on action bar.

Other Dashboard actions:

  • Repositioning the Global Map – click and drag the global map
     to reposition it.
  • Zooming the View – Use the Zoom controls 
     to zoom in and out on the global map.
  • Reloading the View – Use the Reload control
    to reload the current map.
  • Viewing Datacenter Info – Hover over any
    on the map to reveal info on name, routes, outputs, and conflicts. Only datacenters with running routes are depicted with
  • Collapsing/Expanding Analytics Panels – Use the
     to toggle between collapsing and expanding the panels.
  • Creating a Route – You can click the New Route button
    in the action bar to kick off creating a route. See Creating a Route for more information.

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