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Recording a Session (Manually)

This section describes how to manually record a session from the Session Player.


The typical Enterprise Video workflow is to schedule sessions and recordings from the Scheduling screen. For details, see Scheduling an Event.

To manually record a session:

  1. Open a session. (See Viewing Sessions.)


    Sessions with HEVC sources are not viewable in the browser. However, they can be recorded.

  2. In the Session Player, click the

     icon to start recording the session.

    The new video is added to the list of Videos beside the viewer (as shown in the following example), as well as to the Library's Videos list.

    A red status icon indicates that the session is being recorded. HMP keeps track of the Duration and updates the counter value below the viewer, as well as the Videos list.

  • To insert a HotMark at the current time, click the

     icon. For information on creating and managing HotMarks, see Managing HotMarks.

  • To display or hide KLV data, click the 

    More Menu
     icon and select KLV – Side View or Overlay View, or Hide.


    KLV is a licensed feature.

  • To pause recording, click the 



    A paused recording remains active.

  • To stop recording, click the 



    A Stop button appears when you hover over an active recording on the Videos list.

    Stop on the Recordings List

To play the new video (once recording is complete), click the thumbnail (or anywhere in the row except Edit) on the Videos list.

Play on the Videos List

The video opens in the Video Viewer, and the recording controls are replaced by playback controls. For details, see Playing Back Videos.


The general recording viewer controls are the same as in the Session Player, including adjusting the volume, resizing the viewer, and switching to full-screen mode. For details, see Viewing Sessions.

If HMP restarts or reboots while recording a program, the recording will be interrupted. The recording will resume when the system powers back up. This will create a new recording and won't append to the previous video.

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