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Playing Back Videos

You can select an existing video to play from the Library's Videos list. To do this, follow these steps.

To play a video:

  1. On the Library screen, click Videos on the menu bar to display the Videos list. For each video, the list displays a thumbnail (if available), the title, time since creation, and duration.

    A red LED indicates that a recording is in progress, or that some other process is underway, such as trimming or importing.

  2. Locate the video to play, hover the mouse over the item, and click the 

     icon. For viewing and search options to locate videos, see Exploring the Web Interface.

    The video opens in the player, and the recording controls are replaced by playback controls (as shown in the following example).


    • HEVC videos are not viewable in the browser.
    • For proper operation, ensure that auto-play is enabled in your browser for the HMP IP address.
    • The Picture-in-Picture capability supported in some browsers and browser plug-ins is not officially supported at this time and may result in unpredictable system or player performance.
  • To select the starting point for playback, drag the scrub handle or click the position on the progress/scrub bar.


    As you move the cursor along the progress/scrub bar, thumbnail previews of the video appear at various intervals.

  • To start playing the video, click the 

     icon. As the video plays, the blue progress bar tracks the progress.

  • To pause playback of the video, click the 
  • To scrub the video back or forward 10 seconds, click the
    buttons, respectively.
  • To enable or disable the display of closed captions (if available), toggle the CC button.
  • If HotMarks have been added, they appear on the progress/scrub bar.

  • If your system has been configured to support multi-audio streams, you will see the language track selector (as shown in the following example).

    Language Track Selector


    Multi-audio videos are only supported with either HLS streams from HMG, View Direct sources, or VOD.

  • If your account permissions allow editing, changing permissions, downloading, and publishing to feeds, the Properties button appears at the top, as well as other control buttons on the bottom right of the viewer.

    • To edit the video information and/or assign metadata, click Properties. For details, see Editing Video Information and Metadata.
    • To share the video with other users or groups, click Properties and click the Access or Share tab. For details, see Changing Permissions of Sessions or Using Public Links to Share Sessions.

    • To re-stream the video on a known multicast or unicast address and port, click the

       icon. For details, see Re-Streaming Videos.

    • To insert HotMarks to annotate and create shortcuts to selected points of interest, click the

       icon. For details, see Managing HotMarks.

    • To generate a thumbnail image from the video, click the

      More Menu
       icon and select Create Poster Image. For details, see Generating Thumbnails (Poster Images).

    • To trim the video (i.e., adjust the start and stop points), click the

      More Menu
       icon and select Trim Controls. For details, see Trimming Videos.

    • To download the video to an MP4 or TS (Transport Stream) file, click the 

      More Menu
       icon and select Download as MP4 or Download as TS. For information on downloading videos, see Downloading Videos.

  • With multi-track videos, you may wish to view some tracks and remove others from the viewer:
    • To remove a track, click the
       icon in the top right corner of the player. This moves the track into source strip below the viewer.
    • To return the track to the Video viewer, click the thumbnail in the source strip.


    You can only remove the track from the viewer, but it remains part of the video.

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