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Recording and Sharing Videos

This section describes how to record sessions, as well as manage and share videos using the HMP Library.


HMP must be set up correctly with sessions configured for your system. For any questions, see your system administrator or Scheduling and Managing Events (Sessions).

While recording a session, you can toggle between the Player and Properties panes to edit metadata and change the permissions for other users or groups.

While playing back a video, depending on your account Role and Access Permissions, you can perform these tasks:

  • Re-stream videos to create TS streams.
  • Add and edit hotmarks.
  • Generate a custom thumbnail to serve as the video preview or poster image.
  • Use the trim feature to create clips out of longer videos.
  • Download videos as MP4 or TS files.

Users can also access and view videos from the Portal (if activated).


When multi-stream sessions are recorded, the sources are synchronized, meaning that recording operations (start, stop, and pause) operate on all sources simultaneously. 

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