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Managing HotMarks

HotMarks provide a means for you to insert metadata, such as title and description, into a video in real-time. HotMarks are typically used to add captions and create shortcuts to selected points of interest in the video. You can insert HotMarks while recording a session as well as playing back a video, as you drag the scrub handle along the progress/scrub bar.

Multiple users can insert HotMarks, so color coding and user tagging allows you to quickly and accurately identify who made each entry. If HotMark Metadata is available for your system, you can also select Metadata values for the HotMark. You can also search for HotMark Metadata. (Metadata defined to be used for HotMarks is not available on the Metadata pane for the video, session or source.)


You can search for videos by entering keywords from HotMark titles, descriptions, or metadata.

To insert a HotMark:

  1. While recording a session or with a video playing, click the
    Add HotMark Button
  2. On the HotMark Information dialog, enter the title and description.
    HotMark Information Dialog
  3. (Optional) If HotMark Metadata is available, select the metadata.
    HotMark Metadata Drop-down Menu
  4. Click Save HotMark.

    This inserts a HotMark in the video in the current position and places an indicator along the progress/scrub bar. You can also pause the video, drag the scrub handle to the desired position, and then click the



    HotMarks, color coded by user, are listed in the sidebar.

    Color-coded HotMark List

  5. To display the HotMark, hover over the indicator (as shown in the following example).

    HotMark Indicator

  6. To modify the HotMark title, description or time, hover over the item in the HotMarks list and click Edit.
    HotMark Edit Button
  7. On the HotMark Information dialog, edit the Title and Description fields as necessary and click Save HotMark.
  8. To delete a HotMark, click Delete on the HotMark Information dialog.
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