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Viewing Sessions

You can open the Session Player from the Session Information pane by clicking Player. (See Scheduling an Event and Adding a Session.)

This section explains how to select a session to view from the Library's Sessions list. To view an existing session:

  1. On the Library screen, click Sessions on the menu bar. The Sessions list displays the title and creation date and time for each session. Also, session status indicators are available:

    Green Status Indicator
    The session is Live (hence viewable)
    Red Status Indicator
    The session is being recorded
  2. Locate the session to view in the Sessions list, hover the mouse over the item, click the 

     icon. Or, click the
     icon and click View on the action bar.
    For viewing and search options to locate sessions, see Exploring the Web Interface.

    The Session Player opens and the source video begins to play (as shown in the following example of a Live event). When opened from the Library's Sessions list, completed videos (if any) are listed in the sidebar.


    • HEVC sources are not viewable in the browser.
    • For proper operation, ensure that auto-play is enabled in your browser for the HMP IP address.
    • The Picture-in-Picture capability supported in some browsers and browser plug-ins is not officially supported at this time and may result in unpredictable system or player performance.
  3. To adjust the volume, hover over and adjust the volume slider.

    Volume slider


    There are no volume controls on a mobile device. You must use the built-in volume controls

  4. To enable or disable the display of closed captions (if available), toggle the CC button.
  5. To mute or unmute the volume, click the 
  6. To switch to full-screen mode (i.e., to fill your entire screen and remove the player controls), mouse over the viewer and click the

    Full Screen
     icon (in the bottom right corner).

    Press Esc or click the

    Full Screen
     icon on the control bar to exit full-screen mode.

  7. To switch the sidebar between the list of videos generated and the list of available sources, select either Sources or Videos from the drop-down menu.
    Sources Drop-down
  8. To resize the viewer and hide the sidebar, click the
    Resize Icon
     icon. This toggles the window between full-size (no sidebar) and compact size (with sidebar).
  9. To hide the session (from non-owners), toggle the Live button to Off.

    Live Slider

    To show a session that has been hidden, toggle the Live button to On.


    A session that is not "Live" is only visible to owners. This allows you to restrict viewing capabilities to one or many viewers in real time to protect sensitive content. For example, if you have allowed viewers access to a session or active recordings on a session but then toggle Live to Off, a still image will immediately replace the stream. Then if you toggle Live to On again, the stream will immediately restart.


    When playing a session on a mobile device, you cannot pause the session (because it is a live feed), but the Pause button is still there on the iPad when you view the session in full screen mode. So if you click Pause , the display goes out of full screen.

  10. To record the session manually, click the
     icon. See Recording a Session (Manually).
  11. To return to the Library's Sessions list, click the
    Left Arrow

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