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Re-Streaming Videos

You can re-stream a video to a known multicast or unicast address to play streams back to fixed devices, such as a Haivision Play Set-Top Box or Makito X Decoder. With multi-source videos, you can choose the tracks to re-stream and then choose the streaming output for each track.

You can also continue to control the re-streamed video using the HMP player controls (Play, Pause, and Scrub).

To re-stream a video:

  1. While viewing a video, click the
  2. In the Stream Output dialog, select the tracks to re-stream and select the output. Or select Custom and enter an IP address and port number for the streaming output.
    Stream Output Dialog
  3. Click Start Stream.


    If the unicast/multicast address and port are already in use, an error message appears.

    You may wish to open a video player such as VLC and tune it to the unicast/multicast address to verify that the video is being re-streamed.

  4. To stop re-streaming, click the
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