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Operating Your Set-Top Box

After powering on, if the default channel is configured, it tunes to the default channel and begins playing audio and video; otherwise, it shows the VOD Library.


If after powering on, the STB Settings application opens, the STB has not been initially configured. Please see your system administrator or the Haivision Play 2000/4000 STB User's Guide.

Powering On the STB

To turn on the set-top box:

  1. If necessary, turn on the connected TV or monitor.

  2. Press the Power button on the STB remote control.

    • If connected to an HMP server and the default channel is configured, the set-top box tunes to the default channel and begins playing audio and video; Otherwise, it shows the VOD Library.


      If provisioning fails, contact your local service provider or help desk.

    • If configured for Stand Alone mode, the Stream URL screen appears. See Using the STB in Stand Alone Mode for more details.

LED Status Indicators

The front of your STB includes three LEDs:

  • Pwr — Power. Lights solidly when the STB is powered on. Flashes while the firmware is updating.
  • Err — Error. When an error occurs, flashes to indicate which error.


    If the Error LED flashes, please contact Haivision Technical Support and report the number of times the LED flashes.

  • Bsy — Busy. Flashes when there is file system activity

Using the Program Guide

When connected to an HMP server, to view the program guide, press the EPG button on the remote control. A sample program guide is shown below:

Program Guide sample

  • The EPG shows program information in the top left of the screen, as well as a preview video thumbnail in the top right.
  • The current time is indicated by a dashed line through the program guide.
  • Navigate programs and channels in the program guide using the arrow buttons or channel up/down buttons.
  • To change channels from the program guide:
    1. Press the arrow buttons or channel up/down buttons to page up/down the EPG to highlight the desired channel/program to tune to.
    2. Press the OK button.

Changing Channels

To change channels:

  • Press the channel up/down buttons.
  • Type in a channel number using the remote control keypad and press the OK button.
  • When viewing the EPG, navigate to the desired channel using the arrow buttons and press the OK button.

As you change channels, the channel number appears briefly on the screen.

Adjusting the Volume Level

When you press any of the volume controls (

+, or ) on the remote control, a volume indicator appears at the side of the screen as shown below.
Volume on screen

Displaying Closed Captions

Press the CC button on the remote control to show/hide closed captioned text. For multi-track closed captioning, press the Up or Down arrows to select the desired track on the CC menu that appears.

Viewing Program Information

You can display program information (i.e., text entered in the video's metadata description field) when viewing video by pressing the i button on the remote control. The information band appears along the bottom of the display.

Viewing the Library

The content of the Library is based on the HMP Feeds, which may include videos, sources, or sessions. (Content not added to HMP Feeds is not viewable from the STB.) When connected to an HMP server, to view the Library:

  1. Press the VOD button on the remote control.
    Video On Demand Library
  2. Use the arrow buttons on the remote control to navigate through the videos.
  3. Press OK to tune to the currently selected video.
  4. To exit the Library, press the EPG button.

Switching Video Tracks

To access additional video tracks:

  1. While viewing a video with multiple video tracks, press the Up or Down arrows on the remote control. Thumbnails of additional tracks appear on the lower half of the screen.
  2. Navigate to the video track you wish to change to by pressing the Left or Right arrows on the remote control.
  3. Press the OK button.

Switching Audio Tracks

To access additional audio tracks:

  1. While viewing a video with multiple audio tracks, press the Audio button. A list of available audio tracks are shown.
  2. Navigate to the audio track you wish to change to by pressing the Up or Down arrows on the remote control.
  3. Press the OK button.


When connected to an HMP server, you can manage the set-top box along with other Haivision Play Set-Top Boxes from the HMP Web Interface. You can edit device settings, send control commands (set channel/volume, mute/unmute, power devices on/off, or reboot), and schedule command events. You can manage devices individually and in groups via customizable tags.

You can configure the device default settings to apply to new set-top boxes and create tags for tag-based configuration. For more information, see the Haivision Media Platform Administrator's Guide, available at the Haivision InfoCenter.

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