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Using the STB in Stand Alone Mode

When in Stand Alone mode, you may manually enter URLs to view your SRT, HLS, and UDP video streams. Example video streams you may connect to include:

  • 1080p HEVC or H.264 streams from Makito X Encoders
  • 1080p HEVC and H.264 streams from KB Encoders
  • For the Haivision Play 4000 STB, 2160p HEVC streams from KB Encoders.


Stream URLs with a .local suffix are not currently supported.

To set the STB into Stand Alone mode, see Server Setup.

After exiting the Settings screen or rebooting the device, the Stream URL screen appears.


Previously entered Stream URLs appear below the URL settings. Selecting one from the list adds it to the Stream URL field. Then, click Play to begin playing it.

Adding Stream URLs

To add a Stream URL:

  1. Enter the URL of the video stream you wish to view.
    1. Select HLS, UDP, or SRT from the Protocol dropdown
    2. For HLS, enter the address and port number.
    3. For UDP, enter the address and port number, and select whether to enable or disable Multicast Stream or VF-FEC.
    4. For SRT, enter the address and port number, and select Caller, Listener, or Rendezvous. Then, enter the passphrase and latency values.If necessary, toggle the Advanced Settings button.


    URLs with a .local suffix are currently not supported.

  2. Click Add Stream to add the stream to the recent URL list, or click Play to start playing the stream immediately.

Clearing the Recent URL List

To clear the recent URL list:

  1. Click the Clear List button.
  2. Click the Confirm button.

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