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Makito X Encoder

Welcome to the documentation for the Makito™ X Video Encoder. The Makito X Encoder Family delivers up to 12 HD channels of High Profile 1080p60 video with extremely low encoding latency, all within a single rack unit. The Makito X is available as an ultra compact SDI or DVI H.264 encoding appliance with optional HEVC encoding support, internal or removable storage, or within a high density 1RU (6 blades) or 4RU (21 blades) chassis. 

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Documentation for older versions of the Makito X Encoder are only available as PDFs.

Available Documentation



Important Notice

Includes default credentials and network settings. Postcard shipped with the appliance or available through the Download Center on the Haivision Support Portal.

Makito X Encoder Getting Started Guide

Summarizes the steps to install and get started configuring the single or dual-height appliance. Only available on the Haivision Support Portal.

User's Guide

Explains how to install, configure, and manage the Makito X Encoder to stream audio, video, and metadata to a compatible decoding device, using either the Web interface, the Command Line Interface (CLI), or an SNMP server.

A simplified Chinese translation PDF is also available. Click here to download.

Provide the steps to install and configure the Makito X Harsh or Rugged appliance to stream audio, video, and metadata to a compatible decoding device.

Release NotesLists fixes between versions, as well as known issues. Only available on the Haivision Support Portal.
Related Documents
Provide the steps to install the MB6 or MB21 Multichannel Chassis.
SRT Deployment GuideDescribes the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol and how it is configured and used between all supported Haivision devices. 

Cursor-on-Target Capture from the Makito X
Supplements the Makito X Encoder User’s Guide with the information required to use the Cursor-on-Target Metadata Capture option.
Hardening Guide for Makito X SeriesDescribes how to install and configure Haivision’s Makito X and X4 encoders and decoders to meet current network interface security standards. 

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