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Command Summary and Access Control

The Makito X decoder CLI commands are divided in two main groups: operation and administration:

  • Operation Commands are used to manage video decoding. Operation command effects are immediate but not persistent (i.e., between reboots) unless the current operating configuration is explicitly saved (using the config command).
  • Administration Commands address the security and network configuration. Their effects are persistent but not always immediate; some require system reboot to take effect.

Below is a list of CLI commands and other functionalities supported by the system, the privileges for each role, and their descriptions.

Operation Commands

auddecYesYes"get" onlyManage audio decoding settings.
hdmiYesYes"get" onlyManage decoder HDMI settings.
ledsYesYes"get" onlyInitiate blinking of the Status and RX LEDs on the Makito X face-plate in order to help locate the device.
mkstillYesYesNoGenerate still images from a picture.
sapYesYes"get" onlyManage SAP settings.
stillYesYes"list" onlyManage still image files on the Makito X file system.
streamYesYes"get" onlyCreate and manage streams to map decoder inputs to output interfaces.
talkbackYesYes"get" onlyStart and stop transmission of audio talkback and manage audio talkback settings.
temperatureYesYes"get" onlyDisplay the current temperature of the unit.
viddecYesYes"get" onlyManage video decoding for the SDI 1 and SDI 2 ports.
Administration Commands

Network and Management
configYesYes"list" onlyManage configurations on the Makito X.




Display the current date.
emspairYesNoNoPair and unpair the Makito X with a Haivision EMS (Element Management System). 
ethercfgYesNoNoView, manually control, and save the Ethernet configuration parameters.
haiversionYesYesYesDisplay the Firmware Build ID, Build Time, and serial number for the Makito X.
ipconfigYesNoNoSet and view the parameters that specify the networking context for the Makito X, including the IP settings, hostname, and DNS.
licenseYesNoNoManage licensed features.
package (for upgrade)YesNoNoView and manage software packages, including firmware upgrades.
passwdYes"operator" password only"user" password onlyChange the password for a user account.

Change the configuration of a Makito X Decoder 2.4 which is licensed as dual channel (S/B-292D-HD2-*) to support single channel (S/B-292D-HD1-*) decoding only. 

rebootYesNoNoHalt and restart the Makito X.
serviceYesNoNoEnable and disable network services, including HTTP, passthrough, snmp, ssh, talkback, telnet, and vf.
Security Commands
accountYesNoNoManage user accounts for the decoder.
auditYesNoNoEnable remote logging of security and administrative events and configure the remote audit ( syslog ) server connection.
bannerYesNoNoManage the Advisory Notice and Consent Banner.
certificateYesNoNoManage TLS certificates for the Web interface HTTPS server and the secured TLS connection to the remote audit server.
messagesYesNoNoView and manage administrative login messages.
policyYesNoNoManage security policy settings.
pubkeyYesYesYesManage the user's own authorized SSH public keys.


Web accessYesYesYes
Telnet to/from decoderYesYesYes








YesYesYesMeasure and tune network performance.


YesYesYesSend packets to network hosts to test a network connection.



Display TCP/IP and other packets being transmitted or received over a network interface. 



Display the route (path) and measure transit delays of packets across an IP network.

For an overview of system access control on the Makito X decoder, see Role-based Authorization.

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