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Role-based Authorization

The Makito X Series uses role-based authorization control to secure the Web interface and CLI. Administrators can create new accounts and thus allocate an account to each user of the system.

The Makito X Series provides three defined account roles to assign privileges to users:






Read-only access to the system.



All rights to configure A/V and stream settings. Does not include rights to reboot or upgrade the system, modify the network settings, or manage accounts.



All access rights and Administrator privileges.

All three roles provide both Web interface and CLI access to the system. These roles and their privileges are also supported using VACM (View-based Access Control Model) for SNMP access control.

Please refer to the Important Notice (postcard included in the box or available from the Download Center on the Haivision Support Portal) for the default sign-in credentials.


For security purposes, Haivision strongly advises you to change the default password for all accounts during initial configuration.


Any changes to the default passwords, created accounts, and deleted default accounts will be lost after a Factory Reset or a firmware downgrade. Factory Reset restores the default accounts and passwords.

Administrators can create, delete, lock, and unlock user accounts, including changing the password, from the Accounts page (see Managing User Accounts). Operators and guests can manage their password from the My Account page (see Changing Your Password). 

You can also change your own account password CLI using the passwd command.

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