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Command Summary and Access Control

The Makito X4 CLI commands are divided in two main groups: operation and administration:

  • Operation Commands are used to manage the Audio/Video data path, processing, and features, including audio/video/metadata content selection, audio/video encoding, H.264 and HEVC streaming. Operation command effects are immediate but not persistent (i.e., between reboots) unless the current operating configuration is explicitly saved (using the config command).
  • Administration Commands address the security and network configuration. Their effects are persistent but not always immediate; some require system reboot to take effect.


A warning appears when you sign in or out of a Makito X4, or reboot, when the current configuration has not been saved in a preset. See config.

Below is a list of CLI commands and other functionalities supported by the system, the privileges for each role, and their descriptions.

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For an overview of system access control on the Makito X4, see Role-based Authorization.

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