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Accessing the Encoder

Managing the Makito X4 from the Web interface requires a connection from the unit's LAN port to your network. You must then connect a computer with a Web browser to the network to access the Web interface.

To access the Makito X4 configuration Web page:

  1. From your computer, open a Web browser.


    The Makito X4 supports the latest production versions (as of this document date) of the Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Chrome browsers. Please see the Release Notes (available from the Download Center on the Haivision Support Portal) for any limitations for specific versions of these browsers.
  2. Type the encoder's IP Address in the browser's address bar and press Enter.
  3. Sign in. (See Signing In to the Web Interface.)


For a list and description of the CLI commands to configure and manage the Makito X4, see CLI Command Reference.

For information on SNMP management of the Makito X4, see Using SNMP to Configure A/V Services.

Security Steps

Only secured HTTP (HTTPS) is supported for the Web interface; therefore, a server certificate is required. The encoder automatically generates a self-signed certificate and your browser will recommend that you do not proceed.

If you have not changed the factory defaults on the encoder, a certificate with factory default subjects exists (DNS: haivision-ace, IP: Proceed temporarily if you can since this default certificate will be deleted and re-generated (see below).

If you or your system administrator do not install your own certificate, a new one will be generated upon reboot the first time a non-factory IP address is detected with the configured hostname, DNS, and IP address. Accept this certificate and proceed to the Web interface.


The Makito X4 identity certificate and trusted root certificates are managed using the CLI certificate command or Web interface Certificates page. For details, see certificate (CLI) or Managing Certificates (Web interface).

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