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What's New for 1.5

Version 1.5 introduces the following features and enhancements for the Makito X4 Encoder and Makito X4 Rugged Encoder: 

  • Ad Insertion (SCTE 104 / 35) metadata support: Ad marker metadata can now be captured from SDI or ST 2110 (as 2110-40) interfaces and converted to SCTE 35 messages in order to be transported within MPEG-2 TS streams. SCTE markers have frame accurate synchronization with video, allowing down-stream automation workflows.
    See Setting up Streaming Outputs, Configuring Ad Insertion Sources and adinsertion.

  • SRT Upgrade: SRT is now upgraded to version 1.5.2 for additional security and other various improvements. 

  • AEAD Support: The Makito X4 Encoder now supports Authenticated-Encryption with Associated-Data (AEAD) for encrypted SRT streams.
    See Configuring Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) and stream

  • 10G SFP Support: The Makito X4 Encoder now supports 1G and 10G Ethernet SFPs in SDI personality.
    See Connect to the Network and Network and Management Interfaces 

  • Additional Audio Channels Per Stream: The Makito X4 Encoder now supports up to 16 audio channels in a single stream. 
    See Configuring Audio Encoders

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