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Physical Description


This page includes information regarding both the original Makito X1 chassis and the Makito X1 chassis v2. The Network connector and DC IN/IO connector on v2 have been changed in order to meet higher vibration requirements. 

Following is a description of the Makito X1 interfaces, connectors, and LED status indicators:

MX1 Rugged v2 (#S-MX1E-R-V2-SDI1)

MX1 Rugged (#S-MX1E-R-SDI1)


The Makito X1 comes equipped with the following interfaces:

  • DC In & I/O connector combining:
    • Power (+5VDC, < 8 W),
    • Analog audio inputs (Two (2) channels of analog audio -- 10K, 20K or 40K kOhms input impedance)
    • Serial (RS-232/422 Port – can be used for Management, Pass-thru or KLV or CoT metadata ingest) 
  • CVBS/SDI connector → 75 Ω BNC (either analog CVBS (Composite Video Baseband Signal) or SDI video signal with format auto-detected)
  • Network connector → 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet; cable also includes a Reset button 

The BNC connector is used for Composite (CVBS), SD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) and HD-SDI video input signals. It is also a 3G-SDI capable interface supporting 1080p 50/60 fps video @ 3Gbps. In addition, the BNC connector supports auto-detection of the HD resolution and embedded digital audio.

LED Status Indicator

The LED color and flashing (blinking) speed indicate the status (operational state) of the encoder.






No power

Green fast blinking

Reset button is pressed for less than four seconds. If the Reset button is not pressed, there is a power fault.

Green slow blinking


Green solid

Booting/Initialization sequence is complete (No fault/OK).

Orange fast blinking

Reset button is pressed for more than five seconds (Factory Reset enabled).

After Orange fast blinking, the LED turns off, stays off for a while, and then starts Green slow blinking towards the end of the booting up.


The LED status indicator can be shut off completely though the command line interface. In this case, there will be no indications of any kind from the LED. For details, see leds. TBD


For information on installing and connecting to the Makito X1 encoder, refer to the Makito X1 Rugged Encoder Installation Guide.

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