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Configuring KLV Metadata Insertion

From the Metadata Detail View, you can define a small set of static KLV objects (i.e., mission IDs and security classification) for KLV and CoT metadata sources. This allows customers to modify erroneous or insert missing metadata within outbound TS steams. These options are available:

  • Configure a mission ID string of up to 127 characters: When the mission ID is configured, any received UAS KLV dataset will be processed in order to modify the existing mission ID or add a mission ID element if not there with the configured value.
  • Enable or disable the update/generation of the security data set in UAS messages: When this feature is enabled, you then specify the classification (Unclassified, Restricted, Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret), the classifying country, and the object country/ies (up to 6) (using the proper ISO 3-letter country code).

In both cases, the mission ID or security data will get replaced or inserted with the ones created by Kraken based on the configuration.


Metadata insertion and KLV decimation/filtering are mutually exclusive. If metadata insertion is specified, it will override KLV tag filtering.

To configure insertion of static KLV objects:

  1. From the Metadata List View, click the Settings icon
     to open the metadata source details, or click Add Metadata to to add a new metadata source with KLV objects. For details on setting up the metadata source, see Adding New Metadata Sources.
  2. In the Metadata settings, type in a mission ID string of up to 127 characters in the Mission ID text box.
  3. To enable the update/generation of the security data set in UAS messages, toggle the Security Data Set Insertion on (as shown in the following example).
  4. Fill in the Security Classification, Country Coding Method, Classifying Country, and Object Country Codes fields. For details on these settings, see Metadata Settings
  5. Click Add Metadata (if adding a new source) or click Apply (if modifying an existing source).

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