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Adding New Transcoders

To add a new Transcoder: 

  1. From the Transcoder List View, click the Add Transcoder button.  
  2. On the Add Transcoder panel, type in a unique transcoder name.
  3. (Optional) To enable hardware acceleration on qualified hardware (such as QSV-capable processors or NVIDIA GPUs), select Hardware (QSV) as the Encoder type.


    VM licenses enable Intel hardware codec acceleration by default. The Hardware (QSV) encoder option will appear for all VM instances regardless of whether the Intel hardware codec acceleration is available to that instance or not.

  4. Scroll through the panel to select or enter values to define the Video, Audio, Metadata, and Advanced parameters. See Configuring Transcoder Parameters and Transcoder Settings for more information on defining the transcoder video parameters. 

  5. Click the Add Transcoder button to add the new transcoder. 
  6. The new Transcoder is added to the Transcoder List. 

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