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Filtering UAS KLV Metadata Tags

You can configure the transcoder to filter out data fields from MISB 0601 UAS KLV metadata in order to reduce the KLV data rate. Lowering the amount of bandwidth consumed by metadata allows higher video bitrates within bandwidth-constrained ISR workflows. 

You can filter MISB 0601 metadata tags on a per tag basis, by specifying all or any subset of the MISB 0601 tags. If a tag is included, it is allowed to proceed to the metadata elementary stream (ES). Tags that are not included are filtered out of the metadata AU and not transmitted in the metadata ES. Non-MISB 0601 metadata (such as MISB 0605 or custom metadata adhering to SMPTE 336) is not affected by the MISB 0601 filtering.

When filtering MISB 0601 metadata tag 48 (security metadata), you can also filter the security metadata tags defined in MISB 0102.

This is useful to eliminate unwanted KLV information in order to minimize the metadata bandwidth required. You may choose to down-scale and frame-decimate the video and decimate the metadata as well.


Frame decimation on the video is accomplished by reducing or down-scaling the frame rate of the encoder on the Transcoders page.

To filter UAS KLV metadata tags:

  1. From the Transcoders List view, click the Settings icon
    on the transcoder you would like to filter.
  2. Scroll down to the Metadata section, and toggle KLV Metadata on. 
  3. To filter MISB 0601 metadata tags, scroll down and toggle UAS KLV Tag Filtering on.
  4. Select the decimation (None or By Factor) from the drop-down menu. See KLV Decimation in Transcoder Settings.
  5. To configure the scope of filtering, toggle UAS KLV Tag Filtering on. Select either Minimum Set or All from the Included UAS Tags drop-down list.

    • To remove tags for fields deemed not relevant to your operation, browse through the list and click X next to any tag labels to exclude, i.e., to filter out of the metadata. This creates a new option, “Custom,” on the Included UAS Tags drop-down list.
    • To re-include a tag that has been excluded, click the Plus icon
      in the top right of the list box and select the tag from the drop-down list of excluded tags. Or, if you know the tag you wish to add, begin typing in the Type for more... search bar.
  6. To filter the security metadata tags defined in MISB 0102, toggle UAS KLV Security Tag Filtering on, select Minimum Set or All, and fine-tune the Included Security Tags list as required to configure the scope of filtering.


    Make sure #48 is included under UAS KLV Tag Filtering.

  7. Fill in the remaining fields and click Apply.

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