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Working with Preset Creator

As an Admin, you can use the Preset Creator to store configurations for your Hublets that you and your team can use in routing workflows. Presets provide an efficient way for you to save configuration settings for Makito X/X4 encoders or for transcoding Hublets, like the Real-Time Transcoding Hublet or Akamai Output Hublet. Once a Preset is stored, you can reuse those settings to apply to Hublets in multiple routes as needed. 

Presets are stored within a subscription and available to all Operators and Admins of that subscription.

The Preset Creator facilitates the creation of presets for:

  • Makito X/X4 – Video and Audio encoders.
  • Real-Time Transcoder – Transcoding Process Hublet for low-latency, one input/one output stream format conversions.
  • Akamai – Transcoding Output Hublet for ABR transcoding to the Akamai CDN entry points.

Preset Creator tab on Admin Area screen with Subscription selected.

 New Preset button and drop-down menu.

 Preset Type filter: Makito, Akamai, Real-Time Transcoder.

 Preset listings.


If your preset doesn't appear in the listing, verify that the Preset Type filter is set to the correct type for it to be displayed.

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