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Powering Up the MB21

To power up the MB21 Chassis:

  1. Turn all two or four PSU Power On/Off switches to the ON (1) position. (Please refer to MB21 Power Components for F-MB21X-R and F-MB21B-R chassis details).
  2. Connect the power cords to both power receptacles.
  3. Plug both cords into earthed AC power sources.


    To ensure redundancy, each power input should be connected to a different 120/240V circuit and be isolated.

    The PSU Status LED will turn green indicating that the chassis is powered up (only if both or all four Power On/Of switches are On).
    In the front of the chassis, the Status LEDs will start blinking green, indicating that the encoders/decoders/gateways are booting up.

  4. Wait until the Status LEDs stay solid green, indicating that the chassis is ready.


    The power supply cords are used as the main disconnect devices on the MB21 chassis. Therefore, ensure that the socket-outlet is located/installed near the equipment and is easily accessible.

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