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MB21 Removable Fan Tray (F-MB21X-R)

The F-MB21X-R chassis has a removable fan tray located on the upper portion of the rear panel:

F-MB21X-R Upper Chassis Rear Panel

F-MB21X-R Removable Fan Tray Module Closeup Bottom View

F-MB21X-R Fan Tray LED Indicators and Alarms

The following table summarizes the functions of the F-MB21X-R fan tray LED indicators. It also describes the alarm behaviors when faults occur.

Indicator Color & DescriptionConfiguration
Power LEDStatus LEDAudible Alarm
OFFOFFOFFNo power to chassis.
Solid GreenSolid GreenOFF

Power applied to chassis and no issue/fault is reported.

Solid GreenSolid RedON

Chassis Power-ON – Fault(s) Detected.

The following faults will trigger the audible alarm and turn the Status LED to RED:

  • One, some, or all fans are blocked,
  • One, some, or all fans have no power,
  • An electrical short is detected (V+ to GND) on the fan tray,
  • Thermocouple is missing,
  • Thermocouple is shorted,
  • Ambient temperature is over 55°C.
Solid GreenSolid RedOFF

Chassis Power-ON – Fault(s) Detected – Mute button (Alarm ON/OFF) pushed.

To mute the audible alarm, push the Alarm ON/OFF button. Once the button is pushed, the alarm is muted.

To re-activate the alarm, push the Alarm ON/OFF button a second time.

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