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What's New for 3.8

The Haivision Media Platform 3.8 release adds the following new features:

EnhancementAffected Topics

Native integration with Identity Providers (such as Okta) via SAML-standard Just-in-Time (JIT) user provisioning.

  • Renamed the Administration > System Settings page item from Directory Services to User Provisioning/SSO.
Removed the legacy Flash-based web player.

Updated HMP licensing:

  • Increase from 1 to 2 locations allowed without an eCDN license. Now, eCDN license is required for 3+ locations.
  • Unlimited number of Media Gateways allowed for all licenses.

Added option to block local users from signing into HMP except for allowed whitelist.

Added option to disable the Haivision Play 2000/4000 STBs from entering the STB Settings screen via the STB remote.
Expanded list of available font sizes when sending messages to STBs.N/A


These features vary by product edition and license.

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