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Using Public Links to Share Videos

Depending on your account Role and Access Permissions, you can share videos by embedding the Haivision video player as an iframe within an internal Website, intranet portal, or enterprise social media platform, such as Microsoft SharePoint.

You can also create a link to the Haivision video player to share live events, as well as recorded sessions with registered and non-registered users throughout your organization.

To enable public links for a video:

  1. On the Videos or Sessions list click 
     icon on the video or session you want to share to open the Information pane.
  2. Click the Share tab.
  3. On the Public Links pane, toggle the Enable Public Link button to On.
    Public Links Permission ON
  4. To embed the Haivision video player as an <iframe> link, under Embedded Player , select the display size from the drop-down list, or select Custom and type in the height and width for the player.

    Player Size Drop-down Menu

  5. (Optional) To disable Autoplay, uncheck the checkbox beside Autoplay. By default, Autoplay is enabled, which means that the video plays automatically after the player loads.
  6. To copy the <iframe> link to the clipboard, click the

     icon and paste it into your application program.

  7. To create a link to the Haivision video player, under Link to Player, click the
     icon and paste it into the address field of your Web browser.
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. To return to the Library's Sessions or Videos list, click the 

    Left Arrow

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