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Setting the Date and Time

You must provide an initial date and time to the system to establish a starting point for the expiration of passwords for newly created accounts, and to establish a creation date for self-signed, self-generated certificates.

Note that later in the hardening process, you will be instructed to provide a more precise date and time setting by connecting to a trusted Network Time Protocol server. (See Configuring Network Settings under Step 5: Certificates and Network Configuration.)

To set an initial date and time via the Web Interface, do the following:

  1. On the Administration page, click Date and Time from the sidebar.
    The Date and Time page appears (as shown in the following Makito X4 Encoder example):
  2. Uncheck the NTP checkbox.
  3. Click the calendar icon beside the Manually Set Date & Time field.
  4. Click calendar items to select the year, month, day and time you wish to use as a starting point.
  5. Click Apply.

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