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Set Up Banner from the CLI

To set up an advisory/warning banner for interactive login via the CLI, do the following:

  1. Copy the banner text file from your trusted PC to the Makito X Series:
    $ scp user@host:directory/SourceFile <filename>
    trustedPC:~$ scp <filename> <youradmin>@<MakitoX-ip>:

  2. Install the banner on the device by entering the following command:
    $ banner install <filename>

  3. Enable the automatic display of the banner by enter the following command:
    $ banner enable

  4. Verify that the banner was properly configured by entering the following command:
    $ banner get

    The device will display the state of the banner policy (enabled or disabled) followed by the contents of the banner file, as shown in the following example:

    $ banner get
    The Advisory Notice and Consent Banner is enabled.
    The following banner is displayed upon user login:
    You are accessing an ACME Information System (IS) that is provided for ACME-authorized use only.
    By using this IS (which includes any device attached to this IS), you consent to the following conditions:
    -ACME routinely intercepts and monitors communications on this IS for purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, network operations and defense, personnel misconduct (PM), law enforcement (LE), and counterintelligence (CI) investigations.
    -At any time, ACME may inspect and seize data stored on this IS.
    -Communications using, or data stored on, this IS are not private, are subject to routine monitoring, interception, and search, and may be disclosed or used for any USG authorized purpose.
    -This IS includes security measures (e.g., authentication and access controls) to protect ACME interest --not for your personal benefit or privacy.
    -Notwithstanding the above, using this IS does not constitute consent to PM, LE or CI investigative searching or monitoring of the content of privileged communications, or work product, related to personal representation or services by attorneys, psychotherapists, or clergy, and their assistants. Such communications and work product are private and confidential. See User Agreement for details.

For more information, refer to "Managing Banners" and the CLI Command Reference in the associated User's Guide.

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