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Disabling Insecure Management Interfaces and Unused Services

The initial administrator should decide which of the following insecure management interfaces and/or unused services should be disabled:

  • HTTP for transmitting website data across the internet
  • SSH  (Secure Shell) for securing remote login from one computer to another
  • Telnet for remote network communications
  • SNMP for managing Makito X  Series devices over an IP network
  • ONVIF for managing  Makito X  Series encoders by a Milestone server using the ONVIF protocol and API
  • RTSP for streaming from a Makito X  Series device to a Milestone server using RTSP
  • Serial Passthrough for bidirectional serial pass-through to control serially attached devices such as cameras
  • Haivision EMS for centrally managing multiple Makito X Series devices  over a network
  • VF for operation in a Haivision Video Furnace realm (Makito X encoders only)
  • Talkback for audio feedback
  • Snapshot for recording still images from a video stream (Makito X encoders only)


Be sure to verify hardened services (see Verifying Hardened Services) before stopping unsecure management interfaces, to avoid the possibility of locking yourself out.

To disable insecure management interfaces and unused services via the Web Interface, do the following:

  1. On the Administration > Services page, toggle the associated Service button to  Off to disable a service.
  2. The service(s) will be stopped immediately. (You do not need to click Apply ). 


(Makito X SDI and X/X4 Rugged Encoders only): If the COM1 serial port is used for Metadata capture on the encoder, and all remote management interfaces (HTTP, telnet, SSH, and SNMP) are disabled, the only way to re-enable these services will be by a Factory Reset. (For details, see "Resetting the Encoder" in the associated User's Guide.) Once the serial port is dedicated for Metadata capture, it is no longer usable for CLI management.

(Makito X Encoder only) The Snapshot feature cannot be disabled via the Web interface. You must use the Command Line Interface. See Disabling Image Snapshot (Makito X Encoder only).

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