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Configure Network Settings from the CLI

To configure network settings on the Makito X Series via the CLI, do the following:

  1. With the device connected to a trusted network, enter the following command:
    $ ipconfig configure

    Example (Makito X encoder):

    $ ipconfig configure
    Current IP Settings:
    IP Address :
    Network Mask :
    Gateway :
    Change IP settings? (y,N): y
    Use DHCP to obtain IP address automatically? (y,N): n
    Enter IP address (
    Enter netmask (
    Enter default gateway ( 
    Current Hostname : MXE-129-59
    Change hostname? (y,N): y
    Enter hostname (MXE-129-59): MakitoX1 
    Current DNS Settings:
    Domain :
    Primary Server :
    Alternate Server :
    Change DNS settings? (y,N): y
    Enter domain name (or enter to disable DNS):
    Enter primary DNS server address (
    Enter alternate DNS server address (or enter for none): 
    Current Multicast DNS (mDNS) Settings:
    Responder : Disabled
    Change Multicast DNS Settings? (Y,n): y
    Enable mDNS responder? (y,N): y
    Enter mDNS identifier ("MakitoX1"): MakitoX1resp 
    Current NTP Settings:
    Server :
    Timezone : "America/Montreal"
    Change NTP server? (y,N): y
    Enter NTP server address (or enter to disable NTP):
    Change Timezone? (y,N): n 
    Network settings updated successfully.
    Host name updated successfully.
    DNS settings updated successfully.
    Multicast DNS settings updated successfully.
    NTP settings updated successfully.
    You must REBOOT for any changes to take effect!
  2. Reboot the device.

For more information see "Configuring Network Settings" and the CLI Command Reference in the associated User's Guide.

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