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Haivision Pro300 Series

The Pro3 Series is our mobile video encoder & transmitter solution designed for live video producers and news gathering professionals looking for contribution performance from any location around the world.

With its large set of professional audio and video interfaces, the PRO3 Series supports the best state-of-the-art H.265/HEVC hardware encoder by offering premium video quality with less data usage, and low end-to-end latency (down to 0.5 sec). The widely adopted H.264/AVC video format is supported as well as for compliancy with deployed infrastructures.

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Available Documentation



Important NoticeIncludes default credentials and network settings. Postcard shipped with the appliance or available through the Download Center on the Haivision Support Portal.

Quick Start Guide

Download PDF here.

Provides the streamlined steps for configuring and connecting your transmitter. 

Comprehensive documentation offering in-depth information and detailed instructions for configuring, operating, and maintaining your transmitter.

Selecting an Operator with a White SIM

Quick start guide for using a white SIM with your Pro Series device.

NOTE: See the Terms and Conditions on the InfoCenter for Warranty, EULA, and SLA information.

What's New or Updated for 5.3.1

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