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STB Play Modes

The STB can be set to two different server modes: Standalone and Haivision Media Platform mode. To configure the STB mode, see Server Setup.


In standalone mode, no HMP server is required. You may directly tune to a compatible SRT, HLS, or UDP unicast/multicast video stream. Features include:

  • Low-latency return feeds enable field producers, talent, and technicians to coordinate with the broadcast center.
  • Remote real-time monitoring.
  • Low-latency broadcast to remote facilities.
  • Tune to a specific stream automatically on power-on start-up.
  • On-screen interface for setup and configuration.

More information on standalone mode is available at Using the STB in Stand Alone Mode.

Haivision Media Platform

In HMP mode, your STB is centrally managed by your own HMP server. Features include:

  • Viewing of live channels, lineups, and on-demand content on any screen anywhere.
  • Authenticated, encrypted, and tailored access for all individuals and groups controlled by Haivision Media Platform.
  • Centralized control of set-top boxes.
  • Multi-stream capabilities.
  • Electronic program guide for viewing available channels and channel schedule.
  • View and jump to Hotmarks that were inserted within Haivision Media Platform.
  • Display Closed Captioning.
  • Local control via IR remote for channel selection and VOD playback.
  • Distribute firmware upgrades automatically to all connected STBs from your HMP server.

More information on HMP mode is available at Connecting the Set-Top Box to your HMP Server.


If you do not have your own HMP ready to connect to your STB, an HMP demo server is available to view the above capabilities. See Viewing a Haivision Media Platform Demonstration for details.

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