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Using Your Remote Control

This section describes the remote control buttons used to navigate the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), select channels, control volume, as well as those used to make selections in the STB Settings application.



Power Button

Toggles the set-top box between power on and off.

Mute Button

Mutes the volume. Press again to return to previous volume setting.

Video Output Button

Video Output 
Toggles through video output modes, for example, HDMI, VGA, Composite, and Component. 
This is useful during setup if you do not see the STB Settings application on the screen connected to the set-top box. 
Otherwise, to select the display resolution, see "Display Settings" in the Haivision Play 1000 Set-Top Box Administrator's Guide.


After an STB application has been installed from the HMP server, the Video button is locked. See Unlocking the Video Button to unlock the button.

Closed Captioning Button

Closed Captioning 
(Full-screen mode only) Enables/disables closed captioning (Off or CC1-CC4).

Audio Track Button

Audio Track 
Selects the audio track (Aud0-Aud7).

Settings Button

Opens/closes the STB Settings application. For details, see "Configuring the Set-Top Box" in the Haivision Play 1000 Set-Top Box Administrator's Guide.


The Haivision Play 1000 Set-Top Box may have been configured to require users to enter an Admin PIN to access the STB Settings application. The Admin PIN code is set by administrators from the HMP User Interface. For more information, see your system administrator or the Haivision Media Platform Administrator's Guide.

(Full-screen mode only) Displays current channel and program information.

Menu Navigation
Menu Navigation Arrows

Up/Down and Left/Right Arrows 
Navigates between controls (during setup) or between programs and channels in the guide.

  • Use Up and Down Arrows to navigate between menu items, as well as between rows within a page.
  • Use Right and Left Arrows to navigate between controls within the same row, as well as back.
OK Button

Selects an item. During setup, navigates from the sidebar menu to main page, as well as opens the on-screen keyboard for the highlighted field.

HotMark Button
Future use.
Back Button
Returns to previous channel. During setup, navigates back to the sidebar menu from a content page.
Channel Guide/Volume Controls
Volume Up and Down 
Raises or lowers the volume.
Channel/ Page Up and Down 
Displays the previous or next channel, or page when viewing the on-screen guide.
VOD Button
Displays the Video On Demand Library.
EPG Button
Toggles between full-screen mode and program data.
Clear Button
During setup, clears a text field.
Keyboard Button
On-screen Keyboard 
During setup, opens/closes the on-screen keyboard. See "On-screen Keyboard" in the Haivision Play 1000 Set-Top Box Administrator's Guide for more details.

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