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Video Encoder Statistics

The following table lists the Video Encoder statistics:

Video Encoder Statistic



The current operating status of the encoder, either:


Up Time

(only available when State is WORKING) The length of
time the encoder is actively encoding (e.g., 1d22h5m41s).

Input Present

Indicates whether an input signal has been detected from the video source: Yes / No

Input TypeThe video input for the encoder: For example, SDI, Composite, or DVI.
Input FormatThe input signal detected from the video source.
Protected Content(DVI only) Indicates whether or not the video source is protecting/encrypting its output. Yes / No
Output ResolutionThe stream output resolution.
Aspect RatioThe aspect ratio of the video source.
Encoded FramesNumber of encoded frames.
Encoded BytesNumber of encoded bytes.
Encoded Frame RateThe video frame rate per second.
Dropped FramesNumber of dropped frames.
Encoder ResetsNumber of encoder resets.
Encoded BitrateThe video bitrate used for the encoder (in kbps).
Encoder PTSThe current encoder Presentation Time Stamp (PTS) based on a 90 kHz clock: e.g., 0x138a56483
Encoder LoadThe video encoding processor usage of the stream instance in percentage (%).
Closed CaptioningIndicates whether Closed Captioning (CC) is Enabled or Disabled on the output Stream.
Extracted CC Bytes(CC must be enabled) Number of extracted Closed Captioning Bytes.
CC Errors(CC must be enabled) Number of Closed Captioning errors.
Extracted CSD Bytes

(CC must be enabled) Number of extracted Caption Service Descriptor Bytes.


CSDs define signaling and announcement of caption services.

Timecode Source(Timecoding must be enabled) The selected timecode source. See TimeCode Source.

The timecode for the encoded video frame.

Or the system time if user has chosen “system” for the TimeCode Source displayed as (HH:MM:SS:FF) Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Frames.

H.264 ProfileThe application profile class for the encoder: e.g., Main, High, or Baseline.
H.264 LevelThe required level of decoder performance to be able to process the video incoming stream: e.g., 3, 3.2, 4, or 4.2


Click to reset the Video Encoder statistics.

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