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TimeCode Source

The following table lists the possible TimeCode sources when “Video” is selected:

Input TypePossible TimeCode Source(s)
CVBS Input signal1) VITC (The timecode is extracted from the Vertical Interval TimeCode of the incoming video signal).
  1. MISB 0605 KLV micro-second timestamp (if KLV is enabled)
  3. MISB 0601 KLV micro-second timestamp (if KLV is enabled)
  4. System Time clock


The one to be carried is chosen based on the time difference between the timecode STC (System Time Clock) and the coded picture.


The digitized version of VITC (referred to as D-VITC) is not supported. Only ATC_VITC (Ancillary Timecode) is supported.

Although LTC (Linear Timecode) and VITC timecodes may be present at the same time, the current release only supports VITC.   LTC ancillary packets will be ignored.

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