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Region of Interest (ROI) (H.264 Only)

The following table lists the Video Encoder Region of Interest controls and settings:

Video Encoder Setting



Region of Interest


Use to create a static region of interest (one per video encoder) to enhance the quality of the encoded video within the region. This allows you to choose what portion of the image is important to have maximum quality.


To get started, position the region in the center and then adjust the size.

Select the position for the region:

  • Centered
  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Absolute


    In Absolute mode, the region is positioned at the exact X and Y coordinates specified. You can type in a value or use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard to change the value:

    • Up/Down Arrow: Increase/Decrease value by 1 unit
    • Shift-Up/Down Arrow: Increase/Decrease value by 10 units

If you select any other option than Absolute, the X and Y input boxes are disabled.

If you drag the ROI, the Coordinates drop-down automatically switches to Absolute and the X and Y input boxes are enabled.

X, YDefault varies with input resolution

Specifies the position of the region on the X and Y axes. (The origin is the top left corner of the display area.)


Only takes effect if Coordinates is set to Absolute.

Specifies the effect of the region:

  • Normal: ROI is translucent, therefore enhances the video in the region.
  • Private: ROI is opaque to block out the ROI video. Also Emphasis is grayed out (since no longer applicable)
Dimensions100, 100Specifies the width and height of the region. You can type in a value or use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard to change the value. See Coordinates above.

(Available only if there is an active input signal with detected resolution) Displays the ratio of the ROI region to the entire screen.


The ratio must not exceed 30% in order to see the quality difference between the background and the ROI.

(Optional) Applies a border to the region:

  • None: No border around the ROI
  • Dashed: Thin dashed border around the ROI
  • Corner: Borders on each corner of the ROI.


Once a region of interest with borders is enabled on a video encoder, all the video encoders using the same video input will show that border in their encoded output regardless of whether or not ROI is enabled on them.


Sets the difference in quality between the ROI and the rest of the input image.

The higher the value, the better the region of interest will look at the expense of the rest of the image. An emphasis value of 4 is a compromise where the ROI looks better but the surroundings are still good.


You can either move the slider to the desired value, click along the slider frame, or click the “-” or “+” to change the slider position.




Click Stop to stop an active encoder.

Click Start to start or restart a stopped encoder.


n/aClick Statistics to view statistics for the encoder. See Video Encoder Statistics.
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