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Product Overview

The Makito X Encoder Family delivers up to 12 HD channels of High Profile 1080p60 video with extremely low encoding latency, all within a single rack unit. The Makito X is available as an ultra compact SDI or DVI H.264 encoding appliance with optional HEVC encoding support, internal or removable storage, or within a high density 1RU (6 blades) or 4RU (21 blades) chassis.

The Makito X DVI supports HD up to 1080p60 (Component Analog or Digital) or computer resolutions up to 1920x1200 at 60 Hz (RGB or DVI-D) input via its DVI-I connector. The Makito X SDI Single- or Dual-Channel supports SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and Composite on its BNC interfaces.

Supporting AES stream encryption and forward error correction (FEC), the Makito X is ideal for headend applications within enterprise, education, broadcast monitoring, medical, and military applications. Combined with Haivision's Furnace IP video system, the Makito X offers administrators fine-grained control over video stream access and distribu tion. The Makito X may be paired with the Makito decoder to achieve low end-to-end latency, as well as combined with Haivision's InStream multi-view performance player technology.

With four internal H.264 encoding engines, the Makito X can encode video at up to four different bitrates and profiles for Multi-bitrate (MBR) streaming to optimize video distribution. In addition, each engine can be then directed at multiple network destinations (unicast, multicast, TS and RTMP) concurrently, to serve desktops, laptops, mobile devices, set-top boxes, signage players, recorders, and streaming servers. The Makito X HEVC provides two HEVC Single- or Dual-Channel encoding engines.

The Makito X with Storage dual-height model allows the compressed content to be recorded and stored locally on either a removable SSD (solid-state drive, SKUs ending -RS) or an internally installed fixed SSD (SKUs ending -FS). Recorded sessions may be exported to an FTP/SFTP server for use within Haivision media systems including Haivision Media Platform and the Haivision Video Cloud (HVC), or stored locally on an SD card or USB storage device, or transferred to a network attached storage configuration drive (if installed).

Makito X Encoder (Front View, Single Height Chassis)

Makito X Front View (Single Height Chassis)

Makito X HEVC Encoder (Front View, Dual Height Chassis)

Makito X Front View (Dual Height Chassis)

Sample Rear View (DVI Blade #B-292E-DVI)

Sample Rear View (DVI Blade)

Sample Rear View (Dual SDI Blade #B-292E-HDSDI2)

Sample Rear View (Dual SDI Blade)

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