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Storage and Recording

The Makito X with Storage dual-height models include 250 GB of either fixed or removable SSD (solid-state drive) storage that enables users to record content directly on the encoder, while simultaneously streaming live video from two sources.

The Makito X with Storage provides the following benefits:

  • Streaming Content Storage. Encoded stream content may be stored for later retrieval, allowing continuous local recording of compressed content in real-time.
  • Snapshot Content Storage. The storage module increases the amount of space that can be used to store image snapshots. Furthermore, if the storage media is removable (such as an SSD or USB thumb drive), the content can be moved without the need to download the content via the Ethernet port.
  • Record streams in TS or MP4 file formats and automatically segment the recorded streams based on time and size.
  • Browse recorded assets and play back MP4 recorded files directly within the Makito X user interface.
  • Record high quality video (i.e., 20 Mbps) while streaming low to save on bandwidth.
  • Automatically segment recordings to files (i.e., for long duration or continuous recording).
  • Automatically export via FTP/SFTP.
  • Ingest to Haivision Video Cloud (HVC) through a watch Folder.

For more information, see Storage Options.

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