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Makito X Decoder Quick Start Guide

Makito X Single-Height Chassis

Makito X Dual-Height Chassis

This Quick Start Guide summarizes the steps required to install and configure the Makito X decoder (single-height or dual-height chassis) to set up video decoding from a Haivision encoder (Makito X, Makito X4*, Makito “Classic”, or Hai1000/Piranha) or a third party compatible encoder. 


*The Makito X decoder may be used with the Makito X4 encoder for 1080p or lesser resolutions.

For detailed configuration and operation information, please refer to the Makito X Decoder User's Guide. For the default credentials, refer to the Important Notice document (postcard shipped with the appliance or available on the Haivision Support Portal). For information on the MB6 (6-slot) or MB21 (21-slot) chassis, refer to the MB6 Chassis Installation Guide or MB21 Chassis Installation Guide.

Guide Contents

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