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ST 2110 Input Statistics

The following table lists the ST 2110 Input statistics:

Input Statistic


NameThe name assigned to the input essence.
Media TypeThe media type selected for the input essence. Either Video, Audio or Ancillary Data. 
Input #The number of the input selected for the essence.


The current operating status of the input essence, either:

Stream Sync

Stream Sync "On" indicates that the data received for that essence is sufficient, not losing packets, and the timings for this data are fine. This means the essence is “synchronized” so that the media (video, audio or data) contained in it can be successfully ingested (and then encoded and streamed).

RX Packets

Number of UDP packets received for that stream.

RX Discarded PacketsThe number of packets that were received but not ingested as actual media for streaming. When a new video essence is started in auto-detect mode, some initial packets that are received are solely used to detect the input video format and then discarded. Once the video format is known the packets are no longer discarded.
RX Lost PacketsNumber of UDP packets lost and not received for that essence.
Video Media Type (only)
Video Format Detection

The current state of video format detection process:

  • COMPLETED: The video format has been successfully detected.
  • BUSY: Video format detection is currently ongoing.
  • DISABLED: The Video Format was not set to auto-detect (Automatic) on a video essence.
Detected Video Format

Displayed when detection is "COMPLETED". e.g., 1280x720p59

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